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        地點:上海 發布時間:2019-01-16 11:30:16
        Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine 
        Faculty Positions in Single-Cell Biology 
        At the Center for Single-Cell Omics (CSCOmics) in Aging and Disease 
        The new Center for Single-Cell Omics (CSCOmics) in Aging and Disease invites applicants for full-time tenured or tenure-track positions in single-cell biology beginning in July 2019. 
        Areas of interest in single-cell biology are single-cell genomics, single-cell proteomics and metabolomics and single-cell precision medicine, with a strong focus on computational approaches and multi-omics analysis. 
        We expect candidates to establish leadership positions in the above areas of research and strengthen the medical school’s translational efforts, especially in precision medicine. 
        Applicants should have a PhD, MD or equivalent biomedical degree and a track record of scientific excellence in the biomedical sciences. 
        The CSCOmics is a new initiative with its own building on Jiaotong’s medical campus in Downtown Shanghai with first-class infrastructure. Shanghai is a highly cosmopolitan city and one of China’s main technology hubs at all levels. We strive to attract an international team of investigators from across the globe with a strong focus on diversity and the equal representation of women and men. With English serving as the common communication channel, proficiency in Chinese is not required. However, we do provide a free course in Mandarin Chinese as well as Chinese culture. 
        Jiaotong University School of Medicine offers a rich and highly collaborative intellectual environment with state-of-the-art support facilities. Salaries for the new faculty is competitive, with generous start-up packages and housing allowance. The CSCOmics has also established a strong, competitive postdoc recruitment program to provide its faculty access to the best and brightest lab members. 
        Applications should be directed to Human Resource office of Jiaotong University School of Medicine with emails: shsmursc@163.com and huiwang@shsmu.edu.cn and include a curriculum vitae, a research plan, 3-5 representative publications and the names and email addresses of 3 references.